Rediscovering Some of My Best Work

Many people dismiss portfolio material that wasn’t for an employer or client. Sadly, most work for clients and employers fails to show actual talent, skill, or potential. Much of the best work I’ve ever done was for personal projects. Looking at an old blog of mine in the last couple days, I found so much work I was so proud of (something I can’t say for work constrained by the lowest-common-denominator standards of others) including this. I made this and many others before I knew there was a word for “Data Visualization” (just like I created videos and tutorials for years before I knew that was called “Instructional Design” … and created interactive tools and web sites before somebody coined the term UX/UI — User Experience and User Interface … I mean, shouldn’t everything we create be designed and developed with the user first and foremost in mind?).

I took special care to ensure the stacks of pennies were to scale (not just placed appropriately on the line graph). I also like that the line begins with Poe‘s anonymous #80 grave marker and ends with the monument that still stands in Baltimore. It’s not technologically sexy, interactive, or dynamic, but I’m proud of it.


Interesting bit of trivia: Only the top pennies have faces. The file size was unmanageable, causing serious memory issues until I deleted all of them. If memory serves (no pun intended), I even had to start over, building it with faceless pennies.

Mostly Illustrator with the monument work in Photoshop.


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