I Love When Things Go Smoothly

Recently, I tried installing Ubuntu on one of my children’s old laptop/tablet hybrid thingies. Even trying to create a bootable USB drive to do it was excruciating. A quick Google search told me that model and Linux don’t play well together at all. Total failure. I was heartbroken.

A few days ago, I emailed my Mom …

Me: I know you went through a couple computers on your way to getting a Mac. Do you still have any lying around that you don’t use because they got so bad?

Mom: I still have the Dell XP laptop but of course it doesnt work anymore.

Me: When you say it doesnt work, what do you mean? Does it turn on? Because if the hardware still works, I’m interested in it.

Mom: It doesnt work cause Windows put a stop to XP.

After I explained to her that XP still worked–it just wasn’t being updated or supported–she said she’d keep it for herself. I was bummed.

I was surprised. It arrived in the mail yesterday as a beautiful, belated birthday present. I knew the package not because of the shape and size of the box but because I am such a nerd I knew that postage of just over $12 meant a laptop. When my daughter handed me the box, I felt like one of those Oscar winners who almost drops the statue because it’s so much heavier than they expected.

Weight: 6.5 lbs

First thing that popped up after booting. Totally cute.

First thing that popped up after booting. Totally cute.

Last night I installed Ubuntu using the aforementioned USB and, gleefully, installed a few apps–some from the Software Center and some using the terminal which was wickedly cool. The only bummer was not being able to figure out why SeaMonkey wasn’t installing or working. I’m pretty sure it’s my fault.

This morning, I installed the LAMP stack with two simple lines in the Terminal. I haven’t configured anything yet but so far it was way easier than setting it up in Mac OS X Mavericks.

The model of this heavier than heavy laptop is a Dell Vostro 1000. Google warned me that the Wi-Fi wouldn’t work but gave me several solutions I haven’t yet tried. I’ll keep you posted (no pun intended). Another, less common, warning regarding the video card (ATI Radeon Xpress 1150) doesn’t seem to apply in my situation.

There are some things I haven’t yet figured out how to do but, instead of getting frustrated, I’m so excited about learning!

A few days ago, I sent an SASE to System76 for their free stickers. I can’t wait to decorate my new little Linux laptop.

According to their FB page, even more stickers might be included.

According to their FB page, even more stickers might be included.

I was mostly excited about the “Unleash your potential” and “Creator Maker Builder” stickers. However, after removing the little “Windows Vista” (Why Vista?) sticker on the laptop, I’m also excited to replace that with a similarly sized Ubuntu sticker.


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