My Top Five Star Trek Crushes

5. Guinan from TNG (I had a serious thing for Whoopi Goldberg for several years after watching Whoopi Goldberg Direct from Broadway)

4. Ezri Dax from Deep Space Nine (Nicole de Boer). Because she was totes adorbs.

3. Dr. Beverly Crusher from TNG (Gates McFadden). Mostly her nose, I think. Then her hair. And she had this way of just standing that was sexy. Confidence and strength.

2. T’Pol from Enterprise (The only time I’ve crushed on Jolene Blalock–it’s all about the short hair and pointy ears. Similar phenomenon with Rebecca Romijn–I only like her when she’s blue as Mystique. Liv Tyler is the only one who can stand on her own without pointy ears.). Her demeanor and intelligence raise her to second place.

1. Major Kira Nerys from Deep Space Nine (Nana Visitor). That nose. That hair (sometimes). That earring. A poet-warrior-priestess. *Heavy sigh*


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