Labor Day was a day off so I tried to do some coding and learning but just couldn’t concentrate. It turns out that was day one of a sinus infection that kept me home from work another three days. It’s horrible to have almost a week away from work and not be able to use it for productive purposes.

I’m back to work today and still barely able to function. I’d still much rather be wrapped in blankets and watching Star Trek reruns on Netflix but my wife is afraid I’ll get fired if I take any more time off.

I give God some serious and sincere thanks for a job with paid holidays and paid sick time.

At the moment, I’m waiting for some video to export from Premiere which inspired me to send this comic out to a co-worker and I thought I’d share it with you.

“Encoding” is frequently my “compiling.” Sometimes, it takes hours only to try again because the video file size still isn’t small enough. Weeks ago, I found the perfect settings that worked great for a while but, for some reason, this new video won’t compress much so I’m exporting it a third time. Meanwhile, my work computer limps along making any real work impossible.


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