Thanks, Boss

I was ready to quit my job and that is something I simply don’t do.

My boss and I recently had a shouting match (yes, another one) toward the end of which, he said, among other things*, “I hear you loud and clear. Give ’em hell.” That and related comments were great to hear but far better and far more important is this …

In two different meetings with separate clients, he said of me, “He’s not just an eLearning Developer, he’s an Instructional Designer. He has a lot more to offer.”

I can’t express how that healed so many months of damage, frustration, bitterness, and dragging all that home and unconsciously taking it out on my wife and kids.

So, last night, I went home and apologized to my wife and kids.

Let the healing begin.

*Things like, “That’s the passion I want to see–that’s why I hired you.”


About jotascript

Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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