Make It Paint


I really loved this exercise from Khan. It’s simple, the code isn’t glamorous, but I love the result and I want to play with it later.

I’m really getting excited about Processing.js, the … hmm … it’s not a library, apparently, is is a “port of Processing, a programming language designed to write visualizations, images, and interactive content. It allows web browsers to display animations, visual applications, games and other graphical rich content without the need for a Java applet or Flash plugin.” (Wikipedia)

Anyhew … I’m excited about using it for “data visualizations,” “information design,” etc. because I really love me some well-done and interesting infographics. I just love the idea of live, real-time, dynamic, graphics and animations.

This may be another piece to my ultimate (right now) project … I hope I learn everything I need to in time to do it … it’s rather time-sensitive.


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