New (to me) Cool Books

Saturday Morning Trip to the Library with Kids

Saturday Morning Trip to the Library with Kids

Creating Database-Backed Library Web Pages Using Open Source Tools by Stephen R. Westman is pretty darn cool. What I love is it takes you from concept-to-completion, as it were, guiding you from the “Why” all the way through each piece of the process. It isn’t limited to just one task or skill or the software required for that single task or skill. It’s “Hey, here’s everything you need to do and how to do it.” Or, at least, so I gather from what little I’ve read so far.

Free Software Free Society is a collection of essays by Richard M. Stallman. I started watching a few videos of Stallman’s lectures on YouTube but he is a far better writer than speaker. He’s able to explain the concept of “free software” in a paragraph or two but rambles on and on so that my wife was left even more confused after consenting to watch it after I raved about the book.

While reading this free-software manifesto, I, perhaps obviously, flipped right to the front of the book to see how “free” the information in and of the book was. As you can see from the image below, it’s just as free as you’d think Stallman would make it.


Service-Oriented Design with Ruby and Rails by Paul Dix sounded and looks really exciting but, sadly, at this point, is beyond me.


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