Withdrawal from a Different Drug

Far more addictive than coding is teaching. Like Original Sin, it is something you’re born with (or not)–Teaching Addiction. Similar or identical to the fact that real and true teachers are born, not made, I suppose.

Watched the first lecture for Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science course yesterday and it was almost unbearable in the same sense that watching a film like Clerks turns anything other than filmmaking into a life of “I’ve settled.” The prof was so amazing. Neither the subject nor lecture content mattered. This guy reminded me of all that teaching is and can be in an ideal environment.

I’ve never taught in an ideal environment but I’ve taught in environments that were pretty good and, as a matter of fact, highly conducive. I missed it so bad while watching the lecture that I felt physical pain.

P.S. While perusing the course catalog for Hillsborough Community College and while watching this lecture, I learned there is a distinct difference between Computer Science and Programming as fields of study and career. I did not know that.


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