Going Through Withdrawal

It’s been 2-3 weeks since I last worked on my classes or even did any coding at all in real life. The workload at work went from 0-100 overnight. I’ve missed it. I’ve felt guilty. I’ve been tempted to feel discouraged and like a loser.

Reading ENIAC has been inspiring. A couple points of light have appeared at work that, perhaps, I can learn enough of PeopleSoft and/or Epic to get back in front of a classroom. Today, perusing Reddit really set me on fire and got me excited again. It sure would be great if that excitement found an opening of even just a few minutes per day to get back to it. “It” being coding.

In /r/programming, I found and enrolled in Harvard University’s edX Introduction to Computer Science course. Free, yo. One of the commentors on the post recommended an awesome article, “Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard,” that led me to also enrolling in the Viking Code School. The confidence/competence ratio graph below rocks my world.


Reminds me of a graph I made myself, recently. I’ll post it soon.

Another recent lead via Reddit, was a list of 156 free programming/computer science MOOCs with real feedback, exams, homework, and assignments.


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