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This morning, I completed the Codecademy HTML & CSS skill/course. Figured it was a good time to actually upload a few files to so I can demonstrate these new skills. This was my fourth HTML class (I took three at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers in preparation for teaching them myself back in 2000). Not only did I still actually learn some new things but some old things that never seemed to stick finally did. Yay.

The site isn’t much so far. I’ve uploaded some old tutorials I created long ago and a couple relatively recent ones. In the spirit of “Learn. Create. Teach. Repeat.” I’ll also demo my knowledge by creating new tutorials for everything as I learn.

I almost put up a tutorial for creating a simple HTML form, a MySQL database, and connecting them with some PHP but … while I got my first little test to work … I don’t understand the SQL and PHP code that does it … I want to be able to explain it when I pass the knowledge along.

I’m really irritated at the moment because there are only two pages in the site and those two pages are based on the same CSS file and yet, if you hop back and forth between the two, everything shifts a tiny bit right and left. That’s going to distract me until I figure it out and fix it. If anyone feels like looking and giving me a heads up, I’d love that.

That little bug is just as infuriating as the mess I created when I accidentally deleted an opening <div> tag on the index page while I was making them both in Dreamweaver and couldn’t figure out why the two pages looked so different. Suddenly, one was a mess and I couldn’t figure out what the difference was. I kept messing around in the CSS (the main content <div> on each uses a different class) thinking that was the root of it even though that didn’t make any sense … eventually, I noticed the missing tag.

As I’ve said before–it’s always the coder.

I noticed three people liked that last post and one person even followed me so I thought I’d mention I’m on the Twitter machine @SproutMeansGrow.


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