I started with free hosting that seemed relatively (compared to other free hosting) benevolent and robust (MySQL, PHP, etc.) at … in fact, it’s better than some paid hosting like GoDaddy‘s worthless $1/month plan (also, be warned, their customer service people seem equally worthless–two out of three weren’t able to answer my question and one of them even gave me an incorrect answer … I just kept terminating the chats until I got someone who could answer my question … correctly).

Then I created a small “site” at GitHub Pages.

But now I have some “for real” hosting. After much research, I chose Arvixe which has, thus far, been an exceptional experience–both product and customer service. If you buy a year, it’s $3.20/month … pay monthly and it’s $5.60/month. My wife and I agreed on monthly for now (she’s not working and we gots chilluns). Hopefully, I can convince her that we’ll save more money in the medium-run sooner than later.

I haven’t yet consolidated my work at the previous two sites and uploaded it to yet, but will very soon. I have no moral qualms with studying/building my programming skills at work–it totally benefits my employer now and in the future–but I’m not comfortable building my own, personal site–even if it is for legitimate practice and testing.

I’ll still keep the blog going with frequent posts of my progress, humor, and tutorials. I know I could just use WordPress on the site but then I wouldn’t benefit from the amazing magic that keeps all my blogs and their posts at the top of Google search results. For each given topic, my blogs always are at the top of the first page of results. Yay WordPress.


About jotascript

Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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