I’ve coded (both in lessons and practicing on my own) almost every single day since I started this blog. Today, I was rather inspired by two other blogs/posts:

Both are really awesome for their own reasons.

So I finally did something in GitHub (Get started yourself!)though I’m still not exactly sure what it’s for or how I’ll benefit from it. Here are my current stats and streaks:


I can’t wait to have my first Skill completed. I’m not sure how much you have to do for a skill–I think that means an entire track. Codecademy calls each topic a course so I get plenty of congratulations for completing courses. Codecademy could definitely learn a bit about badges from Khan Academy.


There’s my first little green (dark even!) commit square at GitHub. My hope there is to network, make friends, and learn stuff. So a whole bunch of green will make me really happy.


I’m proud of that little Evaluator badge and the 9 project help replies it represents. The Good Habits badge is for five consecutive days–my next goal is the badge for fifteen.


About jotascript

Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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