myFirst jQuery

All I’ve done so far was copy an exercise from Codecademy and add the line of code pointing to jQuery but I plan to do lots more. I fell asleep last night thinking of cool ideas and thought of a bigger picture idea while I was in the rest room a few minutes ago.

Wanna be like me? Here’s how to get an auspicious start with jQuery:

  1. Download jQuery
  2. Upload it to your site
  3. Add the following to the <head> section of your index.htm:
    <script src = “jquery.js”></script>
    where “jquery.js” is the name of your jQuery file.

It amazes me how little has changed about Web Design since I started teaching it 15 years ago and yet how much has changed–and how out of it I really became (except for one recent class on the basics, I hadn’t taught it in ten years). I first heard of jQuery less than a year ago and I thought it was this brand new thing!


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