Backward Yet Forward

I was a class and a half away from finishing my Master’s in Education when an unholy yet perfect storm conspired against me. The details are lame and boring. Suffice to say I am now planning to enroll at Hillsborough County Community College to earn an Associate’s in Computer Programming:


If I take two classes per semester (I don’t know if they’ll have Spring/Summer courses), it will take me four years. And that’s if I can transfer in credits to cover those five basic education courses. I’d love it if I could test out of the two most basic required courses but I’m not expecting that.

It sounds like a long time but I’m the opposite of discouraged–it is my rope to climb out of this pit. I am Batman climbing out of the Pit of Mahendragarh. It gives me plenty of time to seek out and kick butt on some real-world experience projects.

The only potential bummer–which I refuse to focus on–is that I wish I’d seen this Free IT Training biz-nizzle while I was unemployed for over a year:


Go Hawks! (I think they’re hawks …)


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