Programmer vs Program

You’d think I’d know better, given how many years I’ve taught HTML, CSS, and (basic) JavaScript. I always tell my students that when it comes to code, they are always wrong. It’s never the computer and it’s never the program. The computer and the program always do what they’re told–if anything went wrong it happened on your end. Garbage in; garbage out. It’s always a spelling error or something that should or shouldn’t be there.

And yet …

The other day, after discovering a cool snippet of JavaScript enabling a Storyline (don’t judge me) piece pull info from an LMS and greet the student by name, I spent two hours trying to figure out why it didn’t work. I said a few bad words. Finally, the guy next to me asks to see my code. I wasn’t really receptive because the code worked the first time I tested it. I copied it from the website, pasted it into the first Storyline file and it worked fine. I copied it from there into a second file (the one that mattered) and it didn’t work. I didn’t change anything.

And yet …

There was a semicolon missing. I don’t know how or why but, somehow …

So that’s the moral of the story … even when it isn’t your fault (you just copied and pasted perfectly good code), it’s still your fault.


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