Why Am I Doing This?

I love code. I find it mysterious, cool, and romantic. Writing code and have it become something on a web page or in a Flash piece rocks my world.

I taught basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript many years ago and loved it. Once I got into Instructional Design the practical reasons to learn as well as the time (I got married and had kids) all but disappeared. I still love learning new things–it’s just hard to find the time. Limited time and competing priorities = yuck.

However, I am committing myself to really mastering “advanced” HTML, CSS, and JavaScript because I so want a career change. I want to make things again. The challenge just isn’t there in designing and developing eLearning. Standards are too low, Flash has been exiled, and it’s all quite frankly too easy. I feel like all “instructional designers” are overpaid because what our customers ask for is stuff any junior high or high school kid would do in an unpaid internship and be grateful for the experience. I’m not saying ID takes no talent or that IDs don’t have skills–I’m saying they are, increasingly, not encouraged or allowed to use them. People are too easily pleased and satisfied with glorified Powerpoint presentations using tools like Storyline and Captivate instead of demanding the effectiveness of video and awesome experiences we used to make in Flash.

In short (TL;DR, as they say), I am re-becoming the hardcore student/geek I used to be until I have some knowledge & skills and some great new stuff on my website to show for it. My portfolio seemed so … old … increasingly so over time. The samples I was proud of just kept getting older. It was the same stuff for ten years because people just stopped allowing me to make anything worthwhile. Yes, “allowing.” I’m done with saying I peaked years ago and my glory days are behind me.

I am going to learn like never before. My best days are ahead of me. Just watch.

TIL: Reddit has an awesome Learn JavaScript subreddit “maintained by Hack Reactor” and I’m going to live there as well as an IRC somebody in the group posted. At least I’ll live in the IRC if my wife ever lets me back on my Mac.

For the record: I’d love to stay and do all this for my current employer. I love where I work–I just need something more challenging to do.


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