Progress in Khan Academy

I’m taking Khan Academy‘s Computer Programming track which includes the following courses:

  • Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation
  • Intro to HTML/CSS: Making Web Pages
  • Intro to SQL: Querying & Managing Data
  • Advanced JS: Games & Visualizations
  • Advanced JS: Natural Simulations
  • HTML/JS: Making Web Pages Interactive

I’ve seen a lot I already knew but in some cases, it’s the first time learning it formally and that helps a lot. I’ve just completed lesson 7 of 15 in Drawing & Animation. The content, instruction, questions/discussion, and resources are great so far–the instructors are particularly fantastic.

The only thing I don’t like is it uses a library called ProcessingJS which, I can already tell, is different enough from regular JS to make it a bit confusing–I’d rather just learn straight JS first. It doesn’t cover things I would consider first-day essentials like where scripts go in the <head> section of HTML documents and such which I think might be confusing for people with zero experience but I’m withholding definite judgment on that.

I find it interesting that it starts with Drawing & Animation and then moves into functions and variables.


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