New Fun Stuff: Free Books and SCORM Progress

SCORM Progress

My recent effort at truly learning JavaScript was inspired by a need to understand and manually develop SCORM stuff. More on that need later. For the present, I’m happy to say I’ve finally figured out what the basic requirements are for a SCORM package. I’ve been searching for documentation and tutorials for 2-3 weeks but all the examples seemed to focus on “How To Do It With OUR [insert wrapper or product]” so none of the examples really resemble each other.

It certainly hasn’t been like learning to develop a website (super easy from the beginning: you make an HTML page named “index” and, at the most complicated, you have to call out to an external CSS file or put some JavaScript in certain places in a particular order). It isn’t even as easy as learning to develop an eBook/ePUB although learning that beforehand made understanding SCORM package structure much easier!

I had to Google several different file formats to find out which files were, indeed, essential and which were byproducts of various development tools like Authorware and Storyline.

What Microsoft Word is to HTML (an unholy abomination–is that redundant?), Storyline is to SCORM packages.

Free Books

I just joined Amazon Student (I’m about to earn my Master’s in Education) for the free 2-day shipping. My frugal wife complains whenever I order books that even cost just a penny because the shipping is still $3.99 per book. Saturday night, I was shopping for super-cheap books on JavaScript and found several free Kindle books–some of them from O’Reilly. They were even all less than five years old–two of them from 2014!


For Father’s Day, my wife took me to see Love & Mercy. I want to be the Brian Wilson of eLearning. So far, people usually just think I’m crazy and that my standards for excellence are far too high.


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