Hello world!

Recently read a blog post suggesting that while learning JavaScript and hoping to become a for-reals JavaScript Developer, I should blog what I’m learning and doing so here we are.

I’ve just signed up with:

  • Khan Academy‘s Computer Programming program which focuses on JavaScript
  • Codecademy – apparently I started jQuery 10 months ago so I’ll restart that and also jump into their JavaScript Language program
  • Code School‘s free account with intent to pay for their JavaScript Language Path sometime relatively soon
  • Learn jQuery doesn’t have a formal course or accounts but I plan to conquer that site as well

I’m very sad that Hack Reactor’s 12-week boot camp is $18k but I plan to kick my own butt into becoming just that awesome.

I also bought (again) two books I loved back when I was teaching Graphic Design and Web Design at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers:

  • JavaScript for the World Wide Web by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith — it’s well over ten years old but still the best (and it was only 1¢ on Amazon)
  • The JavaScript Bible by Danny Goodman — because the Bible series is awesome and it was 1¢ on Amazon

I also have oodles of great PDFs on JavaScript for PDF that I still have from back in my New Horizons days — Acrobat was one of my favorite classes to teach and using JavaScript in PDFs is awesome.

Just recently found out you can use JavaScript in Articulate Storyline. I hate Storyline with a passion but I have to use it and playing around with JavaScript might make it bearable.

Joined some online groups at Google Groups and Reddit so, hopefully, I’ll make some friends along the way.

So here we are.


About jotascript

Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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