Lost My iShizzle

The iMac has been freezing lots again. So I updated El Capitan — not to Sierra, just updated the Capitan. Googling Sierra tells me there’s lots of freezing for that, too. Perhaps I should have stayed with Mavericks. Man … I used to be such an early adopter. All through the first several “cat” years of OSX.

Updating from .11 to .12 didn’t seem to work. Perhaps because the machine is so glitchy.

So I referred back to my Adobe CC and El Capitan post hoping those steps would help as much as they did almost a year ago. If memory serves, this nonsense also happened last time I was about to start some contract work.

Not only did it not work, but now the iMac dies during every attempt at rebooting. The progress bar hangs at about 50% for a bit, then the machine completely dies.

Trying First Aid in Recovery Mode

There are two “things” on the left (the second thing is an “image”) and each has a sub-thing. Three of them pass First Aid just fine but the first “sub-thing” (Macintosh HD) fails.

I tried using the Terminal in Recovery Mode to Repair Permissions but Ye Olde Terminal tells me there’s no such command as “sudo.” This worked like a charm last time. Is it because I updated? Or is the machine broken? As an experiment, I tried another command (I can’t remember now) which it also didn’t recognize. It did recognize “ls.”

One post I read said one could Reinstall OSX in recovery mode and it wouldn’t delete your files and such (I should really start using the external HD I have that sits next to the iMac) but when I tried that, it told me the disk was locked.

I found a couple great, in-depth posts somewhere and tried many of the suggestions with no luck.

No Genius Bar Love

Setting an appointment online is impossible. Remember when apple.com was considered one of the best-designed sites on the web? The most (but definitely not the only) infuriating thing about trying to set an appointment using their website is, upon clicking the desired time, I receive an error alert stating, “You haven’t entered a valid email address.” There is NO form or field for entering an email address.

Setting an appointment via phone is impossible. I call the store. Of course the voice recognition system doesn’t recognize anything I say. Eventually, it transfers me to Apple Care and starts asking me more questions about unrelated crap and doesn’t understand my answers.

Setting an appointment in person is stupid. You can’t drop off your computer and have them diagnose and/or repair it. You have to make an appointment to drop it off. You have to drive to the mall, make the appointment and then, later, go back to your car or back home, and get your computer.

It’s the Economy, Stupid

All these people who are unemployed. But businesses like Apple can’t afford to hire any humans to answer the phone in their stores? Walmart can’t find anyone qualified to operate more than three cash registers at a time?

Buy Local

Which brings me to the new computer repair shop on the corner … which brings me to my next post …


Fortunately, my “stupid day job” that I constantly complain about provides me with a laptop loaded with Adobe CC, etc. so I can still do my side job … every day I find another reason I should really be grateful for my “stupid day job” but I just can’t. Something’s wrong with me.

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Or Maybe Back to Python?

Geez … with a new pile of PHP library books and my brain soaking up new PHP and MySQL knowledge like it’s a roll of Bounty paper towels, I’m now so excited that one of my all-time favorite products, SeaMonkey, needs tons of help including Python. But, they also need JavaScript, CSS, graphics (including fun stuff like SVG) and other stuff I’m more experienced with so … either way, I can get involved — deeply — and that makes me happy.

Also, the app gets more amazing every day.

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They Come in Threes

It’s been quite the week.

Chelsea Manning was released yesterday. Today, Sweden dropped stopped the rape charges investigation against Julian Assange.

I wonder what Edward Snowden is thinking right now.

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GeoLocation Testing

My little app uses geolocation to record the user’s location when submitting data. When reviewing the data, the user sees a marker on a Google map.

I’ve noticed that, depending on the browser and operating system, that location is different even when the user (me) is sitting in the very same cubicle each time.

Using Chrome on my Android mobile phone:


Using Safari on an old iPhone (iOS):


Using Firefox Developer Edition on my Ubuntu laptop:


Each of those are spot on.

Using Internet Explorer on my Windows desktop:


That’s Northeast of where I’m sitting. A little bit north (am I capitalizing these correctly?) of the upper-right corner of both previous maps.

Using Chrome on my Windows desktop:


That’s South of my location. About the same distance away as the IE coordinates just almost exactly the opposite direction.

If I do multiple tests for each device/browser, the results are consistent.

First time trying Chrome on my Ubuntu laptop:


Don’t hate on Windows quite yet — I’ve noticed varying coordinates when using my equipment (including my Mac) at home as well so I’ll test the two mobile phones, the Mac, and my Kindle there later. I don’t think the Ubuntu laptop fared as well at home as it did here just now.

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WannaCry Customer Support?

The two things I know about the victims:

  • They use Windows XP
  • They must pay using Bitcoin

The first thought I have:

Do the hostage-takers provide documentation?

Even if the victims weren’t using Windows XP — which is, of course, pretty telling — most people, let alone someone using Windows XP, have only even merely heard the term “bitcoin.”

Even those desperate enough to pay might quickly and increasingly reconsider as they attempt to learn about, acquire, and use bitcoin. “Diminishing returns,” I would think, will ascend (or, perhaps, “descend” is more accurate) to a whole new level.

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My Site Is Secure

Just bought my first TLS/SSL certificate. Feel cool. Like I’ve gone through a rite of passage. Like I’m not an amateur. Also continuing to make php forms and such more secure in the app itself.

Pretty pleased with myself.

Learning TONS. Such as: I need to change references to all my javascript (bootstrap, etc.) so my site can get back to it’s normal, pretty self.

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Big Sigh of Relief


Breathe in and out. You’ve earned it.

All the pieces are working.

Now I just need to combine & consolidate some stuff (get rid of redundancy, DRY some shizzle, combine some PDO and classes to increase elegance) and write the styles for the mobile version.

Geez. I feel like I just had some awesome marathon sex.

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